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Breakthrough technology for new building materials

01/12/2020 10:29

In the framework of the Vietbuild 2020 international exhibition taking place in Hanoi, the Vietnam Association of Building Materials cooperated with the Ministry of Construction to hold a seminar on “Breakthrough technologies and materials in the construction industry in post-Covid period -19 ”. Especially the goal is to completely eliminate the outdated technology for producing outdated construction materials, which consumes resources and pollutes the environment.

At the conference, experts in the field of building materials introduce products that have been, are and will be applied in Vietnam, serving construction projects, making durable, ensuring safety and development, ensuring environmental protection.

Breakthrough technology for new building materials
Opening International Exhibition VIETBUILD 2020 in Hanoi

Especially, the application of construction materials with modern fire protection technology is also considered one of the effective measures to improve fire prevention and fighting capacity for high-rise buildings. In addition to fireproof mortar, flame retardant sealing solution … fireproof products are used more and more in high-rise buildings.

Currently in Vietnam, the chemicals, nano-coatings for wood and other building materials comply with QCVN 06/2020, and there are 3 outstanding product lines: Firegreen is the Nano fire-retardant solution. wooden furniture such as house, wooden door, wooden truss roof, MDF, Plywood … or wood used in pit, military. Flamesave-23 is a fireproof, insulating Nano coating for wood. Compared with Firegreen, which is a solution that protects against fire spread but does not protect the integrity of the wood surface, Flamesave-23 can protect the wood surface intact even when exposed to the fire for up to 60 minutes. Finally, Flamesoft is a fireproof Nano absorbent solution for fabric and foam insulation.

TS. Nguyen Quang Cung – Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Building Materials affirmed: “In the future, the Building Materials industry will be an industry following a cyclic economy, without waste and using waste from industries. other for the production of raw materials. New materials, manufactured with modern technology to protect the environment, will be more chosen by investors to apply in new construction projects ”.

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