Improvements in organizational structure

In the period from 2008 to 2012, the growth of Vietnam’s economy continuously decreased from 10% to only 5.5% in 2012, public investment decreased, the real estate industry continuously declined, has been frozen since 2010 and construction businesses are the hardest hit. Although the economy has gradually recovered, the growth of the economy in general and the real estate market in particular has not really helped construction enterprises achieve business results. business) positive.

In that context, Goldenlotus still has sustainable and stable growth. Revenue, profit of the Company and income of employees are increasing. In particular, since 2015 the Goldenlotus brand has continued to be affirmed and the investor’s trust in Goldenlotus has been constantly enhanced when continuously receiving large-scale projects whose value increases over time. The source of work of Goldenlotus is always more than other companies in the same industry.

In order to achieve this success, the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors have had the right orientation in the production and business strategy as well as constantly improving the management system, suitable for each development period of the Company. Specifically:


  1. Expansion of departments

Stemming from the increasing demand of projects, more and more, Goldenlotus constantly recruits talented people into new positions to undertake important work of the company.

  1. Establishment of Technical Department and Construction Force Development

Realizing that the construction force is a very important factor, the Company has established a Department of Engineering & Construction Force Development to represent the Company in the construction and development of new human resources with the aim of helping construction force to develop stable and sustainable human resources, ensuring the overall plans of the Company.

  1. Establishing a Committee for Research, Improvement and Development of Technology to organize construction

The Committee for Research, Improvement and Development of Construction Technology was established to evaluate the capacity of construction organization and existing equipment, selectively acquire modern construction technologies and equipment from the advanced partners in the region to apply for projects of Goldenlotus.

  1. Open Representative Office in Hanoi

In order to easily track and manage costs in a timely manner at the Northern projects, in order to maximize the profits of the projects. The company has expanded its network of subcontractors and suppliers, creating communication channels and connections between partners and projects across the country in general. With the Company’s policy of establishing a Representative Office in Hanoi, it is effective in finding and diversifying types of materials with competitive costs, which is the basis for controlling costs of Partners. domestic.

  1. M&E . electromechanical block

Goldenlotus not only specializes in construction and finishing works, Goldenlotus’ M&E field is also thriving. With perfect execution capacity in all areas from design, construction, completion and M&E, most of Goldenlotus’s construction projects are now trusted by the Investor as the General Contractor. whole project.

  1. In addition, the Company also has a full range of other functional departments to complete the Company’s organizational structure such as:

Procurement Advisory Department
Construction Technical Management Department
Financial Accounting
General Room
Human resouces department
Department of Occupational Safety
Legal and Systems Department
Business Development Department.

  1. Investment in improvement of construction equipment:

To meet the high technical requirements of construction works, the Company has constantly invested in improving equipment. The company also builds a professional maintenance team to ensure that construction materials are maintained and maintained in accordance with the technical process.

  1. Warehouse development:

The investment in warehousing is also paid special attention by the Company in order to well preserve the Company’s assets and equipment.
All materials and equipment after construction will be gathered into warehouses classified and preserved according to the list, ensuring that the materials and equipment are strictly managed and can be reused many times.
These are the necessary improvements for the sustainable development of the construction sector. One field is determined to play a core role, accounting for a high proportion in the entire revenue and profit structure of the Company.


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