Technology and Equipment Capability

Our quality management system has been developed to ensure the successful, safe and legal delivery of all works done under the company banner, our guidelines are as follows:

Employ and train engineers, architects and supervisors that are qualified and experienced who conform to company policies at all stages of project delivery

Ensure that highly ranked personnel provide instructions alongside guidance for those beneath them. Beyond this maintain a healthy and positive work environment in which all members of staff can learn from and share with each other.

Guarantee that building materials and all subcontracted works are of the highest quality, by only working with highly trusted suppliers and subcontractors whilst maintaining shared and continuous scrutiny and inspection of our supply chain.

Improve our quality management system in accordance with International Organization for Standardization standard 9001 : 2015.

Comply firm with national: construction, labor, health and safety, environmental and hygiene regulations and decrees by routinely examining and updating company processes.

Maintain training and provide learning opportunities for the development of all staff in specific and specialized industrial topics.

Commit to meet our construction schedule and quality requirements of partners.

We understand the value of quality and reliability, we commit to stick to these principles and by doing so deliver projects and maintain relationships of the highest quality.

Technology and Equipment Capability

NO Equipment Manufacturer Quantity
1 Kobelco Crawler Excavator Japan 1
2 Huyndai Robex Combined Excavator Korea 5
3 Komatsu Crawler Excavator America 5
4 Roller Hypec 850 America 4
5 Roller Rammay 1404 America 4
6 Cat 977L Crawler Excavator America 1
7 Komatsu D65E-6 Crawler Bulldozer America 3
8 Komatsu D68E-1, D68E-8 Crawler Bulldozer America 2
9 Komatsu Combined/Crawler Excavator America 3
10 KomatsuWA 180-1 Combined Excavator America 11
11 CA-25 Roller Dynapac America 1
12 Caterpillar 120 Combined Grader America 1
13 Caterpillar D6C Crawler Bulldozer America 1
14 Komatsu D31-20 Crawler Bulldozer America 1
15 Komatsu D65E Crawler Bulldozer America 1
16 Komatsu PC300-6 Crawler Bulldozer America 1
17 Jintai SG 35 Bull dam, max depth: 60m China 1
18 Jintai SG 30 Bull dam, max depth: 60m China 1
19 Kobelco Crane 65 ton Japan 2
20 Kobelco IHICCHI 50 Crane 15 ton Japan 3
21 Kobelco Excavator 0,5-0,7 m3 Japan 5
22 150KVA Generator Japan 2
23 150KVA Generator Japan 10
24 Bentonite-containing silo Japan 2
25 Tank Japan 6
26 Concrete tube Japan 350
27 Welder, Cutter, Bar Bender Vietnam 16
28 Mishaka Pile Driver Japan 5
29 Electric/Petrol Driver Vietnam 23
30 Compactor Vietnam 10
31 Sand Sorter Vietnam 5
32 Bentonite Mixer Japan 3
33 Air Compressor Japan 3
34 Concrete Piercing Machine Japan 4
35 Tacheometer Japan 8
36 Experiment Tools Japan 3
37 Scaffolding Frame Vietnam 15.000
38 Scaffolding Frame Korea 1.000
39 Hoist Japan 5
40 Crane (With 30m reach) Japan 3
41 Crane (With 30m reach) Japan 4


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