Occupation health – safety and environment policy

The occupational health & safety of all members of golden lotus staff and their working environment is regarded as of paramount importance, thus we have the following guidelines:

Health and safety of personnel is paramount importance and should be considered with higher regard than that of the delivery or products, thusno worker should be put at unnecessary or too great a risk.

Managers must be responsible for the working environment and safety of those in their command.

Develop a rational chain of command with regards to health and safety, with those at the top responsible for the instruction and development of a health and safety based culture. Compliance of all health and safety activities to comply with regulations on a company, local and national level.

Understand that all accidents and injuries on site can be prevented, but if they do occur should be properly investigated and further preventative measure put in place.

All incidents are reported and documented in a correct and legal way.

With these guidelines in mind, we expect to maintain and healthy and happy workforce at Golden Lotus Construction JSC.

Occupation health – safety and environment policy


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